Do you enjoy personal time?How about holidays?I like taking days off but the most favorite day of the year for me is Christmas and this magnificent day falls on December25.My entire family meets on this special day.We do many fun activities such as watching electrifying movies,eating great treats and searching for Santa Claus.


Do you enjoy movies?My family adores it.It is one of our favorite past times during holidays.One of our favorite movies to watch is Star Wars.We have already watched it two years straight and it is still exciting.There are many episodes to the Star Wars collection.There are six in total but last year they came up with a new one.Last year we watched one of the future sagas that continue after the Empire Strikes back.It is called the Force Awakens and it takes place after the infamous Darth Vader passes away,killing the almighty Sith Lord,and Senator Palpitine.Spoiler Alert!Sorry everyone,I don’t want spoil it for you but in seventh episodes,somebody important dies,and he’s very imperative to the story line.This upset me a lot.I felt so anxious during the battle scene.


We also like to eat and drink during Christmas.We usually have some of our favorite Western dishes such as popcorn,which goes perfectly with the movies.Do you want sweet or salty popcorn?


Also during Christmas,I will use Google Santa Tracker.It’s an application that you can download on your phone that tracks exactly where Mr. Claus is.It has a countdown clock and shows you when he will arrive at your country in exact time following the world clock and distance using kilometers.They discuss time travel theories,how Santa receives letters,how the elves build toys and even when airline pilots report seeing him.Santa even has a blog on this app that discusses his daily activities.There is also a game my brother and I will play that helps Santa to send his gifts.


Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays of the year for me because there is so many fun activities to do and play.This is why Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year!

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